Export Control

Proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and uncontrolled accumulation of conventional arms in difficult regions threaten global and regional security, peace and stability. In this regard the risk that weapons of mass destruction and their means of delivery might become easily accessible for high risk countries and terrorist organizations is a significant factor.


The export control is an instrument that can be used to prevent the above mentioned risks and to facilitate international security and stability. Availability of the developed export control policy, with established criteria, together with effective monitoring of sensitive activities and control of turnover of products under the export control will facilitate reducing criminal activities, human rights violation, armed conflicts and terrorism and will contribute to peaceful and stable development of the world together with support to development of the international trade and industry. In order to accomplish the mentioned tasks it is important to establish eligible system to facilitate close cooperation of the industry and government at the national level, to raise the industry awareness and transparency and accessibility of information that will make possible to protect the industry from undesired activities and transfers.


During the last years, development of the export policy and effective national control system, approximation and harmonization of export control to international standards, initiated by the Ministry of Defense has been actively underway in Georgia. Along with other institutions of Georgia involved in the export control system and with support from the respective programs of EU and USA, and with cooperation and experience sharing with foreign experts, a new legislative base for regulation of Georgia’s export control, in line with national interests and in compliance with the European standards was developed and has come into force in Georgia since October 1, 2014. It contains new control lists that are identical to the European lists.


Standing Military-Technical Issues Commission of the Ministry of Defense of Georgia, together with inter-agency group of experts undertakes control of strategic goods in compliance with the criteria and procedures defined on the basis of international and national principles. Basically the Commission, which is authorized to make positive or negative decisions, issues conclusions based on an initial analysis and expertise as to what extent a specific transaction is subject to control and what types of risks it might cause from national, regional and international security points of view.


We take into consideration the worldwide experience that clearly shows that to accomplish an effective export control is very difficult based solely on administrative procedures. Close cooperation with the industry through frequent discussions with them, through analyzing their issues and through enhancement awareness of entrepreneurs we will not only protect them from risks, but also we will support to development of maximally safe international trade.